project partners

Cultural Association, founded in 2016, aims to promote youth mobility, volunteering at local and European level, active citizenship and dissemination of the Erasmus + program. In addition, in our community, we promote various cultural, voluntary, sport and gaming initiatives in order to encourage young people to take the first step towards becoming active in society.

Efektas Group is a Lithuanian company focused on education & training, personal-professional development and impactful initiatives since 2016. Efektas Group has built extensive expertise in entrepreneurship, personal & professional development, EU values, digital skills, inclusion, employability and lifelong learning.

D.G.T. Association is a Romanian non-governmental non-profit organisation born in 2011 from the passion of a few youngsters who wanted to take action and make a change in their society. D.G.T.’s founding members have had the desire to give back all the things they have learned and experienced during previous years of volunteering.

Arrabal AID is a Spanish non-governmental organisation, with twenty years of experience, whose mission is to improve the social and working conditions of the population, especially of the more vulnerable communities, as to be able to achieve a fairer and more supportive social role model.