Multiplier Event

Summary of the Multiplier Event 🇷🇴

Asociatia D.G.T, the Romanian partner of the project “And what NEXT? Future professional paths for volunteers”, orchestrated a dynamic Multiplier Event on October 30th, 2023. The event served as a vibrant platform to disseminate and champion the project’s remarkable outcomes to a diverse audience, including young individuals, current and former European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers, youth workers, and stakeholders from Bucharest.


Asociatia D.G.T took the lead in hosting an engaging Multiplier Event in the heart of Bucharest, illuminating the transformative journey and tangible achievements of the NEXT project. The event aimed to empower young people by showcasing the pivotal role of volunteering in shaping future professional paths.


Attendees were treated to live demonstrations of the project’s online platform, illustrating its user-friendly features. The platform, a central project output, provides a dynamic space for key actors in the youth field to connect, post opportunities, and engage with the broader volunteering community.


Asociatia D.G.T unveiled the comprehensive Employability Guide designed for youth practitioners. In-depth sessions were conducted to delve into the guide’s contents, equipping youth workers with valuable tools and resources to guide and counsel volunteers effectively on their career paths.


A significant announcement during the event included enhancements to the feedback mechanism within the online platform. Asociatia D.G.T showcased how this virtual recommendation system empowers volunteers by providing constructive feedback from host organizations, strengthening their profiles for future employment opportunities.


The event placed a strong emphasis on fostering networking synergies among key actors in the labor market. Attendees were encouraged to engage in collaborative discussions, promoting the idea of volunteering as a strategic tool for enhancing employment prospects.


Asociatia D.G.T expressed enthusiasm about extending the success of the Multiplier Event beyond Bucharest. The organization is committed to inspiring further action, fostering collaboration, and leaving a lasting impact on the paths of young individuals in Bucharest and beyond.