about project


To design a process and educational tools to ensure the integration of volunteers into the labour market. NEXT intends to create synergies among all the key actors of the society and to provide tools to foster further collaboration and cooperation in the training and counselling of youth people, in order to ensure a better employability and increase their sense of initiative and (social)entrepreneurship


This project came as a response to several NEEDS founded after researches and analyzes performed by our consortium:

the need to create an efficient mechanism to facilitate the integration in the labour market of the volunteers, by ensuring a “seal of quality” of the volunteering projects and activities

the need to better connect NGOs, educational centres and enterprises


○ To promote volunteering as a tool to raise employment opportunities

○ To create tools, resources and synergies to ensure a network between all important actors of the labour market

○ To support the development and improvement of youth skills and competences needed and requested in the current labour market

○ To equip youth practitioners and youth association with the needed resources to guide youth volunteers towards employment and/or entrepreneurship